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How Triberr works - to Double your Traffic

What is Triberr - to increase traffic

Triberr is a kind of a cross between a social network for bloggers and a content syndication platform.

Using Triberr to Double Your Traffic

You set your blog to update Triberr automatically when you post new content, and then join "tribes" of other bloggers who write on similar topics.

In the Tribal Stream you'll see the latest posts from your tribes and be able to share the links easily with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn - and while you're sharing someone's post, someone else is sharing one of your posts.

In other words, your posts get shared through the social networks of other bloggers as well as your own. It's an extremely powerful platform. Within a few days of joining "Triberr", spending only around 30 minutes a day on the site, I'd doubled the traffic to a new site.

How Triberr works

Suppose you have 1,000 Twitter followers. That means when you tweet a link to your latest blog post the potential reach is 1,000 people.

Now suppose you're in a single tribe that has 10 members and each member has 1,000 followers. If half your tribemates share your latest post with their followers, the potential reach of the post is now:

x 5
= 5,000 people

Don't forget, that's just Twitter. Triberr also lets tribemates share your content via Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.

In reality, the average number of Twitter followers for the other bloggers in my tribes is a lot more than 1,000. Currently it's 22,226. You can also be a member of more than one Tribe and most tribes have many more than 10 members.

That's a lot of big numbers that multiply to get you more traffic.

Currently I have 243 tribemates in 15 tribes, giving me a total reach of 5,330,738. The traffic gain as a result of 30 minutes a day sharing new posts via Triberr is amazing. It's easily one of my biggest sources of traffic.

If you're not using Triberr, I highly recommend you investigate this amazing, free platform:


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